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Since 1991, ACCC has provided confidential credit counseling services and financial education to partner employers, banks, credit unions, and community organizations. We support and promote financial wellness and provide programs and tools that help people achieve their financial goals.

ACCC partners with EAP’s, human resource professionals, and plan administrators.  Employers that support the financial health of their employees increase company morale and improves the financial wellbeing of business operations.

ACCC partners with Banks and Credit Unions to increase financial health and provide support in meeting the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requirements and the credit needs of consumers in communities in which they operate, including low-to-moderate income communities and individuals.  We provide financial education to those individuals who have been denied access to credit and need to build their credit.

To find out more about our partnership opportunities, give us a call at 800-769-3571 x1980

See what others are saying about ACCC’s services:

This is a really great program that helped me through some tough times financially. It made managing my debt much easier than I could have ever hoped. I can now say that I am completely debt free, and can start saving for the future at a much higher capacity. I’ve learned a valuable lesson from the experience, and no longer have any lingering debt from the recession. I have learned to have a healthier relationship with money and appropriate spending habits. I couldn’t have made it to where I am today without this program. I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with their debt, and looking for a solution. I am absolutely thrilled and am excited to move forward with a big sigh of relief. Thank you ACCC!–From Jillian W., MA

ACCC allowed me to get a handle on my debt, and get my bills paid off. There was no quick fix, as it took several years of discipline. Using ACCC’s program showed me how to budget, how to save money, and have reachable goals. I am now debt-free, and I am very glad to have used this service. I will carry what I learned with me for the rest of my life. I highly recommend their services if you are looking for a way out from under debt.
From Dan K.r, WI

They were extremely knowledgeable on this subject matter. They explained all the options available to me, going over each in great detail. We went over all my monthly expenditures and suggesting ways to contain them. If I maintain their strategy, I will be free of my credit card debt in a few short years. I like that they are a non-profit organization. Their goal is to help those folks who need financial help.
From Samuel D., CA

The decision to work with ACCC changed our lives. My husband and I were so stressed about how to make ends meet, and how to change our financial situation. This decision was perfect for us. The four-plus years of becoming debt-free were really difficult for us at first. But, we feel blessed to have done it, and the effect is we can now save 25% of our income monthly, and we pay cash for everything.
From Jennifer T., WA